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Divya Dutta has Expressed her Anger by Tweet Peoples

Following the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday night, the entire country was united and lighting unity against the Corona virus by burning candles, diyas and torches. On the other hand, some people were bursting firecrackers in such an environment. Such pictures and videos have come out from many parts of the country where people are making fireworks. Actress Divya Dutta has expressed her displeasure over the people doing this.

However, PM Modi had appealed to the countrymen to turn off the house lights for nine minutes outside their house at nine o’clock on Sunday night and light only by lighting a candle, lamp, flashlight or mobile flashlight. But in this case, some people made a lot of fireworks arbitrarily.
Divya Dutta has expressed her anger by tweeting from her Twitter account. He wrote, “Friends, told to burn lamps, not to burst firecrackers. Don’t you understand what?”

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