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Flipkart new reality show Entertainment No.1 hosted by host Varun Dhawan

The Tik Tok app has become very famous in no time. People sitting at home put their videos on it and get fame in return. To compete with this app of China, the Indian company is bringing Flipkart Video, the thing to see will be what new features will be available to the people in it.

Flipkart revealed that it is coming with a new reality show Entertainment No.1 from April 13 which will be hosted by host Varun Dhawan.

It was described as a reality show in which anyone older than 13 years can participate at home. People just have to make videos sitting at home and go to the Flipkart app and upload it. Like Tik Tok, here too, the option of songs to dialogs has been given to make videos. Tik ​​Tok does not give users anything for making videos right now. But nothing like this will happen in Flipkart videos, in which you will be given a task every day, which will complete it, it will be sent to the next stage. And due to the features here, Flipkart has won over TikTok.

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