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Akshay kumar says thanks to municipal workers, doctors, nurses and social workers

Akshay Kumar’s courage to stand up to the Corona virus epidemic spread across the country. The corona virus has engulfed the entire world. Countries like America, Italy, Spain have also not survived. In India too, cases are constantly increasing. In such a situation, the government has locked the country till April 14 to maintain social distance. In the hour of this calamity, the common people as well as the entire Bollywood have united to fight the corona. Like ordinary people, Bollywood stars are also following every thing of PM Modi.

The stars are entertaining the fans by sharing their activities with the fans through their social media account. Along with this, some stars are also raising money for the needy through social media, while some are working in the service of the country, municipal workers, doctors, nurses, NGOs, volunteers, government officials, vendors and buildings are thanking the guards.

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