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Short Film Jor Thame Jab Ek Din is being made in which actress Nusrat Jahan

At present, not only in the country and the world, but from the Corona virus, from Bollywood to Hollywood, this epidemic is the victim of the outbreak of Kovid-19. Shooting of films is closed, but it is not as if everything has stopped. Web series and web movies are releasing. At the same time, short films are also being shot. A song by the name of Muskurayega India was also released recently. Now a short film is being made in which actress Nusrat Jahan is playing an important role.

Bengali filmmaker Aridam Sill is making a short film. The film aims to help fight against the corona virus. The name of the film is Jor Thame Jab Ek Din (One day when the storm will stop). Actors for this film will shoot alone and separately in their home. According to the director, how humans stand with each other in times of crisis and win the war. This film will help the people fighting against the epidemic corona virus in the country and it will also show how we can all face this epidemic together.

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