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Divyanka is not able to afford this distance between Vivek .

TV celebs are also spending time at home in lockdown amid growing cases of Carona infection. Divyanka Tripathi is following the lockdown with her beloved husband Dev Vivek Dahiya. But it seems that even though living in the same house, this couple is in different rooms! The curtain itself has been raised by this rule.

Divyanka has shared a post on Instagram, in which she writes that she is missing Vivek a lot. And Divyanka has also written that Vivek is in a separate room and she is not able to afford this distance between the two.

The Cute couple from the TV world, Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, are also following the lockdown. However, Divyanka misses her husband despite being in the same house.

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