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Aamir has never been seen going to any show for promoting his film

Everyone comes to the comedy King Kapil Sharma’s show Most of the film stars like to come to the show only when their film is going to be released. Through this show, they reach the audience where it is not possible to reach them. The talk of his film reaches the people. In this way, both benefit, the TRP of Kapil’s show also increases and films are also promoted.

A lot of Aamir Khan’s films have been screened ever since Kapil’s show has been running, but Aamir has never been seen going to the show and pleading to see his film, though his star gets to visit the show. Actually, Aamir has felt many times that his film does not need promotion so Kapil did he not go to other TV shows too. Aamir’s way of promoting is different.

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