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Shilpa’s daughter Shamisha has turned 2 months old

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is at home due to lockdown these days and is spending all her time with her family and dear daughter Shamisha. A few days ago, he made a post saying that his daughter Shamisha is 40 days old.

But this time he has shared a video with his daughter in which he has told that his daughter has turned 2 months old in this video, in this video, Shilpa is seen playing with her but her daughter’s face is not seen.
In the video, Shilpa is telling that number 15 is proving very lucky for her. Their daughter was born on 15 February. On April 15, his daughter turned two months old. At the same time, he has 15 million followers on Tick Talk. From this it can be inferred that number 15 for Shilpa Shetty is Lucky.

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