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Karthik Aryan ‘Koki Puchega’

(Shubham [email protected])

Bollywood Actor Karthik Aryan has played a important role in the era of corona virus. From the beginning, he has giving information related to corona virus disease on his social media and posted awareness video. In this battle, he has donated his accumulated capital. Karthik has done such a thing, seeing that his sister Dr Kritika Tiwari is feeling proud for him.

Karthik Aryan has started his show on YouTube to make the common people aware of the corona virus pandemic, in which he talks to such patients of Covid-19 infection who have recovered. At the same time, by interviewing doctors and medical staff fighting the battle of Corona virus, they bring out the picture of their struggle, Karthik Show name is ‘Koki Puchega’.

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