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Sumiti has vanquished the Coronavirus Infection.

Shubham Jaiswal ([email protected])

Sumiti Singh, who joined Karthik Aaryan‘s YouTube show Koki Pahega during the Corona virus lockdown, gave her plasma assuming a key job in the fight with Covid 19. Karthik said thanks to this and spoke to others to give the plasma.

Sumiti has vanquished the Coronavirus Infection. She has become a visitor on Kartik Aaryan‘s show as Covid-19 Survivor. Now Sumiti has given plasma to support other covid positive patients. Sumiti had clarified this in details on her Instagram account, which Karthik composed while reposting Sumiti Singh is pleased with you. I demand all Survivors to give blood in conference with their doctors to support genuine patients. Much obliged to Sumiti Singh for spreading mindfulness.

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