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Jacqueline Fernandez, During Lockdown: Keeping Myself Strong And My Thoughts Positive

Jacqueline Fernandez is spreading messages of hope, positivity, and mental health.

As the world fights to curb the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and try our best to overcome this challenge, Jacqueline Fernandez is spreading messages of hope, positivity, and mental health. The actress suggests that if we have a positive mindset, anything is possible.

Owing to her beauty and influence towards positivity she is an inspiration to many. During a recent live chat, Jacqueline has shared her thoughts on what kept her going through this quarantine and how Jackie rose to be a stronger person mentally and the charter of being at home. She said, This is our 5th month, and counting that we are now in lock down phase, and we all are quarantined and life has changed drastically reduced for each and every single one of us across the globe. So, I just want to start by saying that, I am so grateful for the millions of people out there right now who are the front liners, who are out there to protect us, who are really risking their lives every single day to be out there and risking the threat of Corona virus on themselves and I just wanna to say that I really do feel that, I feel very blessed by the fact I am sitting at home right now in lock down in quarantine but that I still have that privilege to be able to do that because there are so many people out there who really didn’t have the choice, who had to be out there either working at the office like there is back at their jobs and it is a risk for so many people, and in spite of the fact that I do want to work very badly, I still have the privilege to actually be at home safe.

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