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Telugu TV Actor Sravani Dies by Suicide

The late actor and the family members blame Devraj Reddy who had harassed her a few days ago.

Telugu TV actor Sravani, who was known for her role in the serial Manasu Mamata, has taken her own life. She died by suicide in her residence at Madhuranagar in Hyderabad on September 8, 2020, between 9-10 pm. The body of Sravani was shifted to Osmania Hospital for postmortem.

The local police is investigating the suicide case of the late actor and the family members blame Devraj Reddy who had harassed her a few days ago. It is reported that she committed suicide out of anger. Devaraj Reddy lives in the Kakinada area of Andhra Pradesh.

Sravani came in contact with Devaraj Reddy on TikTok. They became friends and started meeting on a regular basis. The family says Devaraj harassed their daughter and after the incident, Sravani became very anxious and had tensions. The family said Devaraj Reddy made phone calls and threatened the late actor that he will damage her reputation.

Sravani’s family thinks it’s because of Devaraj’s blackmailing their daughter had taken the extreme step. Sravani went into the bathroom and hanged herself.


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