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Research Media Group -A Business Empire Brick by Brick…

Mumbai:This is the journey of amateur cartoonist who on a little span of thirty years had built up a business empire Research Media Group Conglomerate and found a niche for himself amidst corporate giants. Mr. Chaitanya Janga, Chairman & Managing Director of Vijayawada based Research Media Group, is an achiever with a unique mix of acumen and abilities. He had steered his group of companies to remarkable heights through sheer endurance, grit and determination.

Chaitanya Janga, Chairman & Managing Director Research Media Group shares his amazing life story with Print and Electronic Media newsmen during aVirtual press meet held at Andheri (West),Mumbai on 11th June 2021 to announce the expansion plans of RMG. The Genesis starting a business and consolidating its hold both in favourable and un favourable economic scenario is a tight rope walk. The tough part of the task is to please a number of people like clients, colleagues, employees, investors and associates. The list goes on…The hallmark of good Chairman & Managing Diretor is not his Qualifications or Experience and Influence in the market circles. It is his modus operandi with people. Chaitanya Janga, Chairman & Managing Director of Research Media Group is such an inspiring entrepreneur.

Research Media is a flag ship company started in 1992 by Chaitanya Janga an M.B.A post graduate. The group had crossed many milestones and retained its lead in media operations during all these years. He hails from a middle class family in Vijayawada Krishna District Andhra Pradesh. His early life was both though and challenging. He is an M.B.A. Post Graduate. His further educational prospects came to an end as fate intervened in the form of domestic struggles. “I had to quit the further education due to some financial setbacks. I have started my career as a cartoonist. While working on a project work related to advertising as a part of my M.B.A, I have observed that Vijayawada Political, Commercial and Cine Biz Capital of then combined Andhra Pradesh doesn’t have a proper branding service. Then came an idea into my mind and the idea took the shape of Research Media Advertising like all upcoming companies, our business house had also faced certain struggles in the cut throat competition environs to consolidate it’s base in the market. Slowly it delivered exciting returns from then I never looked back. The expansion spree commenced. The Research Media advertising had launched it’s branches at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and some other places in India and  at Dubai, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia,Bangkok, Sri Lanka, U.K. and U S A in Abroad. “He said from one man army to Captaincy… Started his career as a Cartoonist moved to an accriminated Advertising agency as an accounts executive. He raised to the position of team leader and made his mark on marketing operations of the agency. After acquiring considerable experience and good name in the market circles with friendly relations, he thought of promoting an own ad agency by name Research Media. As a one army he moved from one office to other on cycle. A common man’s vehicle he charged with the challenges of creating a distinct identity in a value driven crowded market with well-established players and strong trading loyalties.” I was incredibly blessed and fortunate to have come Across many talented people who guided to become an Entrepreneur”, said. Mr.Chaitanya Janga on his transformation from cartoonist to media executive and as a promoter of an own venture. His team.. His asset.. His Strength.. He began his entrepreneurial journey by setting up Research Media It was just beginning. He became proficient in all the departments related to media operations and he has retained a cream of team consists Creative Director, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Concept Director, Visualisers, Art Directors, Event planners, P.R.O ’s, Print and Electronic Media Executives, Model Casting Directors and Copy Writers with remarkable Expertise and Vast Experience… Innovation is the key to survival of any business house.

“It is the dedicated team work of experts of different talented groups have played a pivotal role in keeping the group as a crown among the crowd. The team is my asset. The team is my investment and the team is my strength. Said Chaitanya Janga

The group is enjoying the patronage of more than 18000 above clients spread within the country and other foreign countries related to different business groups.  The celebrity hub and red branding are the are vital components of the group wherein thousands of models world over are getting opportunities and the both are the right platforms to aspiring models and prospective models and they provide great support for upcoming models world over. Thousands of models are benefitted as the group introduced for many Fashion Shows, Web Series, Private Albums etc. The group has made its mark on more than one front and acquired a leading status where ever it is entered. The group’s turnover crossed Rs. 572 Crores in the last financial year and planned to cross Rs 1000 Crores in the upcoming two financial years. says Mr P.V.S. Varma, Executive Director of the Group.

He is a visionary he looked ahead with a powerful vision.. Visionary leaders are the builders of a new possibility that never existed before, working with imagination, insight boldness they operate from a positive intent, an alignment with a high purpose they are social innovators and change agents seeing the big picture and thinking strategically. Self-knowledge and alignment of values to action is the most important leadership trait and Mr. Chaitanya Janga, Chairman & Managing Director Demonstrated this well…

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